GET YOUR  DUI Lawyer’s Webpage and Facebook to SHOW UP on the Internet!

Online Marketing is all about VISIBILITY


  • IDENTIFY YOURSELF and your Business’s Online Marketing Needs….
  • What KEYWORDS will your potential Charlottesville DUI CLIENTS, type into a search engine bar, to connect with your local DUI services?
  • Choose a few Long Tail Keyword Phrases (LTKW)

What is a Long Tail Keyword?!!

Relax, it’s just the longest form of phrase that someone might type into GOOGLE to find you………..

You are reading this because you know that you can’t just start a website and show up, on page one, for the KeyWord 


it just doesn’t work like that………

Go to Google’s Adwords KeyWord Planner:

A handy and necessary free tool, given by Google, that identifies what words, potential DUI client will type into the search bar. so that you have more data on the longer tail keywords such as:

“Best Local DUI Lawyers Charlottesville Virginia”

OK TIME for RULE number ONE, about how to show up on the Internet.  Actually, I’ll give you two rules……and they are one hundred percent SET IN STONE aka Non-Negotiatiable.….no interim mediation, no outside judge, no plea bargains (that’s for AdWords; Organic Marketing is a much more !!

Introducing, FINALLY, a Healthy, Natural, LASTING ALTERNATIVE TO ADWORDS……



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