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The first thing to realize is that SEO has been given a bad rep over the past five years and SEO isn’t the one to blame…no, don’t blame SEO itself, blame your digital marketing company for claiming they know how to do it

SEO is about putting in the time, effort, hard work and dedication to create, network and promote organic webpages with rich relevant digital media content that ultimately brings the online user a great overall experience.

Content is King, and Video is the leader of the King’s Army. The secret to great organic SEO is constant content that is both unique and that adds value to the end consumer’s overall journey. You have an opportunity to take control of your own business’s Digital Destiny. Here is a crash course on the necessary ingredients to the perfect organic SEO strategy for your business that will not only take your website to page one of Google but will produce constant clients for years to come.

Video will be your best friend in the quest for front page rankings on google and other search engines.

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YouTube’s website has a PageRank of 100. The internet’s search algorithm’s are most influenced by the outside links connected to your website.  The Page Authority of the inbound link influences the potency of that link.  This means that a link coming from a website that has a Page Authority of 100 will better help the ranking of your website than an inbound link coming from a website with a page authority of a 10.

Having links that come from YouTube Video Pages will have the biggest positive overall effect on your website’s rankings.

Having a video embedded on your homepage increases your chances of your website ranking on the first page of Google’s search results by 62 times.



Embedding a video on your homepage means that you have to have a video created that properly characterizes and convey’s your business’s message to the online user. Here are a few different ways that you can go about getting your online video made. 

  1.  Get a simple video editing program, even iMovie is acceptable, and with a few images, some text and a voiceover you’re ready to go.
  2. Go onto and hire someone to put a video together for you.  Make sure to include your company’s logo and a call to action PDF with your website, phone number and email clearly visible.
  3. Use a white board video that you can purchase online.  These usually look decent but the down side is that they won’t neccesarily reflect you company’s logo in the video.  Ideally you would upload to YouTube and add your logo as a watermark.

Once you have your video created it’s time to upload it to a hosting platform.  You can upload the video from your desktop to your website hosting platform like WordPress or use a number of video specific hosting sites and embed the video from there.

  1.  YouTube:  YouTube is the number one place that people upload their videos online.  From the YouTube platform you can click the “share” button and copy the embed code.  From there you go to your website host i.e WordPress, Wix, and embed the video code onto your homepage in the HTML settings.
  2.  Vimeo is a great alternative to YouTube and offers the ability with a paid account to have a few additional features within the video when you embed it properly.  Vimeo gives you the ability to have click buttons at the end of the video that direct the user to a destination of your choice (YouTube limits the destination of your end screen button links).  Vimeo also allows you to have a ‘sign up  to subscribe’ button at the beginning of the video which can be useful collecting emails from interested online users.  Vimeo also allows you to have an ‘in-video’ button visible while the video plays, that you can direct the user to any URL of your choice.  YouTube again limits the destination URL of your ‘in-video’ button links.

VIDEO SEO is the most overlooked component of online video marketing.

VIDEO SEO is the optimization of the video upload within the hosting platform that the video was uploaded to.

Each Video needs to be engineered to reflect the keyword strategy congruent with your website site architecture.

PAGES & PHRASES:  Each webpage on your site should be engineered to show up for a specific keyword phrase.  Your homepage may better reflect the aggregate message of your overall site and may include more keywords than your normally optimized page.  Overall as a rule you should engineer each page to reflect one keyword strategy.


Video SEO is all about properly labeling and identifying the available components within your video page’s edit section on your video hosting platform, i.e YouTube or Vimeo.

If you want your webpage to show up for the keyword “best hvac company”, label your video’s title, tags and descriptions with variations of that keyword.


Logic will pervade all other strategies when it comes to labeling your video digital media on YouTube, Vimeo or WordPress.

Your title, tags and description will be the most important elements in labeling your video.  Make sure that you include the keyword phrase that your page needs to be optimized for in your video’s title, tags & description.

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