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Best Recommended Attorneys, DUI Lawyers in Charlottesville & Albemarle County Virginia</embed&gt;The Best DUI Lawyers and Defense Attorneys in Charlottesville  Albemarle, Virginia, are the ones with the most commitment and dedication to the overall and continued well-being of you and your family.  Reporting live from Charlottesville Virginia, on the BEST DUI Attorneys and Defense Lawyers in Charlottesville and Albemarle County Virginia.  Marketing on the Front Page of Google, Bing and YouTube, with the best Lawyers and Defense Attorneys in the beautiful state of Virginia.

The people know, because the survey said long ago, that the people don’t look off of the third page, when searching Google for an industry or product or service.  9/10 times, people we choose to narrow, broaden, or change their search results, after looking to the third page without satisfaction.  Do you know what that means?!?!


Let me put it another way…..If you’re not on the Front Two pages of Google or YouTube (bigger than both Bing and Yahoo combined), then you better have settled on another universally, instantly reaching and never closed, platform that has better ROI yields, and niche market traffic, on a regular basis……and if you do, then it means that you DEFINITELY know something I don’t know.

This Web Page Video Publishing Report is only for individuals that believe that there is significant marketing value in the internet.  Not for people who are quite content with their ‘word of mouth’ business, or for people who ‘just don’t see how the internet could benefit my business’ OR for people who  say “I really just don’t see how VIDEO could help me online”.

I have run my head into a wall for too long, trying to convince small and local business owners of, what feels painstakingly OBVIOUS to me.  SO I want to be clear, right off the bat.  These essays and marketing investigative reports operate under the business principle and assumption that the internet is a VERY valuable and Exponentially Productive tool and marketing platform for small and local business AND that video is the most conveyable form of digital business media, that people have proven for decades, that they would rather engage in, more than any other possible form of digital media.

a.ka.  T.V didn’t lose to Radio 80 years ago, and neither will streaming video lose to digital pictures, info graphics, or text…..  Concluding that, if you do not, right off the top, agree full heartedly, that the internet is the most time-saving and money efficient tool, that can reach the most people, both locally and globally, the fastest AND that video is not the far and away, more superior form of universally accepted online digital media than either text or picture……then don’t bother trying to find the other 31 websites I populated, linked and made into viable front page posting video digital online assets.



About the Author
Online video marketing company focused on the social media video SEO digital creation and distribution of organic, content video marketing for Virginia businesses to use within their internet advertising campaign in 2015-2016. Marketing online with video is the key to organic page ranking and search visibility for your local Cville business. Search engine optimization, video blogging and social network linking and distribution will be the deciding factor to your visibility on the first page of searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Promoting small business through online digital marketing, with a focus on video, SEO, and social media interaction. Helping local small business create graphic design, video, imaging, personality branding, and humanize their product or service to be successfully introduced into social media. Because there is only one sure way to get through......come to their mind at the right time! Jingles make people remember, absent of tangible marketing in view. Humanizing makes you more like a 'buddy' and people always refer their friends first, if they have a specialty they think would help the situation. Social media, video, branding and theme songs, all online, accomplishes all of this. People shop on the web, they hangout on the web, they get references for products or companies and talk to their friends about them first, many times before any interaction with the company or product takes place. The different social media sites or platforms are really just different "hang out" areas or buildings where the architecture and manner of interacting is just a little different. Pinterest may have boards of pictures, where Twitter may quick link ideas and thoughts, where Facebook and Google + offer all types of media and communities and pages within which to interact. Then You Tube does just videos and so on. Well it's easy to get caught up in the scare and concern of content being on all different types of social media sites, but look at it another way. These are just different places that people are looking for and asking questions about services or products they like or want to buy. YOUR job as a business is to be visible within these different platforms when someone types in a search that identifies with your business and potential cliental.

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