Online Marketing Alternative to Adwords

Online Marketing Alternative to Adwords

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The people know, because the survey said long ago, that the people don’t look off of the third page, when searching Google for an industry or product or service.  9/10 times, people we choose to narrow, broaden, or change their search results, after looking to the third page without satisfaction.  Do you know what that means?!?!


Let me put it another way…..If you’re not on the Front Two pages of Google or YouTube (bigger than both Bing and Yahoo combined), then you better have settled on another universally, instantly reaching and never closed, platform that has better ROI yields, and niche market traffic, on a regular basis……and if you do, then it means that you DEFINITELY know something I don’t know.

This Web Page Video Publishing Report is only for individuals that believe that there is significant marketing value in the internet.  Not for people who are quite content with their ‘word of mouth’ business, or for people who ‘just don’t see how the internet could benefit my business’ OR for people who  say “I really just don’t see how VIDEO could help me online”.

I have run my head into a wall for too long, trying to convince small and local business owners of, what feels painstakingly OBVIOUS to me.  SO I want to be clear, right off the bat.  These essays and marketing investigative reports operate under the business principle and assumption that the internet is a VERY valuable and Exponentially Productive tool and marketing platform for small and local business AND that video is the most conveyable form of digital business media, that people have proven for decades, that they would rather engage in, more than any other possible form of digital media.

a.ka.  T.V didn’t lose to Radio 80 years ago, and neither will streaming video lose to digital pictures, info graphics, or text…..  Concluding that, if you do not, right off the top, agree full heartedly, that the internet is the most time-saving and money efficient tool, that can reach the most people, both locally and globally, the fastest AND that video is not the far and away, more superior form of universally accepted online digital media than either text or picture……then don’t bother trying to find the other 31 websites I populated, linked and made into viable front page posting video digital online assets.



How to RANK VIDEOS on YouTube and Google then LINK and embed them to a BLOG, URL, and multiple FRONT page posting.COM’s


How To Market My Business Online:  Video Ranking and Web Page SEO Special Report by:

EMAIL TODAY to Get Your BUSINESS’S WebPage on the first two pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, AND get directing and linking YouTube Video Marketing!

Whether you’ve owned your Local Charlotesville Business, Industry, Company or Service for years, or just staring a new business, or even moving a franchise in from out of town, there’s no better to Market your Charlottesville Business, than with FRONT page VIDEO and WEBPAGE Online Marketing and Social Media Networking.

There is no longer, any reason that your Charlottesville Comapany or Service shouldn’t be all over the front page with multiple organic listings for Charlottesville searches that identify wit the way YOU MAKE MONEY.

The internet is no longer what it once was…….what was once a place where your business was merely referenced, the online experience has now morphed into the only way your Local Charlottesville Business will BE FOUND AT ALL……in the fast past Mobile Millennial Generation, 9/10 online users DO NOT LOOK FURTHER than the THIRD PAGE of any local industry search.  

That means, when potential online consumers type phrases into a local search engine like Google, that identify directly with the way your business makes money, DO YOU SHOW UP on the first two pages of that search?

VIDEO RANKING & Organic, Lasting, and Legitimate Web Page VIDEO SEO and Social Media Networking.  Everything you need to know about how to make the internet work for your small or local Charlottesville Company, Business, or Service.

 Video is what will drive the bulk of online user experience in the years to come, and is already dominating the ROI column, and rightfully so……Videography used to be an incredibly labor intense project, costing thousands of dollars.  Today, with the ability of the internet to harbor and stream video into the daily online user’s mobile device, small and local business has an opportunity, that has never been seen before.  The opportunity to compete with big money and corporate business in Marketing.The internet and Social Media, have provided the perfect staging field for small business to merge with, and stay in constant contact with, their local community, WITH GREAT VIDEO ADVERTISING, on an equal playing field to those corporations that would have normally purchased far superior Marketing Strategies and Results, long from the reach of the little guy…..

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#1 VIDEO RANKING service BEST Online Network Engineering DC, MD CVILLE VA.

video ranking SEO Online Engineering

#1 VIDEO RANKING service BEST Online Network Engineering  DC, MD CVILLE VA.

The most affordable and most effective VIDEO ranking and SEO Engineering for your small or local business.  Best social media network engineering and guaranteed ranking with all types of digital media.  Video Ranking, Web Page Ranking, and Affiliate, Content Marketing through multiple organic websites on the first two pages of major search engines.

#1 Video RANKING Services Ny, Ca, Tx, Va, DC, Fl .  Video Ranking your online digital business card to the front pages of the top2 social WARNING: Don’t Be Boring when Video Marketing Online 4 Local Business in New York, Florida, Texas, Virginia, California..

Make sure that you online digital business media is visible on major search engines.  Create, run, engaging and creative content, that interests and informs your potential clients and their friends, within their various social media Niche Biz Market.

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video ranking SEO Online Engineering
SEO VIDEO Ranking and Social Media Online Network Engineering
video ranking SEO Online Engineering
video ranking SEO Online Engineering

Online Marketing & Search engine optimization and webpage search engine visibility social media video marketing Virginia

Online marketing search engine optimization and webpage search engine visibility, with social media video marketing, Virginia.
How to use your companies mediate to go online and market yourself through video SCO and social media which are all of the available free digital storefronts with which to market your business with your digital business card which should be a video.

Web presence and search bullet visibility credibility when I’ll be defined based on your aggregate overall activity on the World Wide Web, Will you be able to count on someone who has only studied a replicable and machine sister that is not only unfair and stupid and is now wrong and illegal as far as illegal meeting webpage ranking based on search visibility results from being on the first page of Google, now it is up to the millennial marketer and the mobile media craftsman to create iPad and mobile video production in media and interesting engaging video content for small local business in order to gain in first page ranking on Google. Video insertions and optimization along with a professional Vimeo account and YouTube account and multiple channels is the minimum effort you can make in your online marketing campaign this year. In a small business that does not use online video marketing in Virginia to enhance their visibility online through search engine phrases that directly identify with how they’re small business makes money will not succeed to their optimal potential.

Surgeon optimization and social media SEO are critical for your assimilation into various social internet networks,
and aggregate, online presence throughout the online worldwide Internet

It all seriousness you and your company are built to produce your product or your service not to market yourself that’s why there are marketing companies in today’s atmosphere there is a free marketing pallet it is the Internet it is a free place to market your small business to everybody in the world if you aggressively search out the message which will do this you will become successful by default even if you were selling a bag of poop because you will have been seen in a likable entertaining way in front of the very people that like bags of poop.
I have the mobile media man I’m able to say things like that because I’ve grown up in a generation that is absorbed everything that the web and that Apple mobile media type of audio video production in a Jamie has to offer I have been head to Don for loving video and music production through the iPad and iPhone for a decade now and it is my time I now have already made three successful companies show up on the web. I will continue to take every business that works with me and make sure that they show up for you