The BEST auto VIDEO marketing ONLINE used cars and trucks for sale FRONT PAGE video and webpage ADVERTISING

The BEST auto VIDEO online Marketing:

How To Make Your Used Car, Truck and PreOwned Vehicles for Sale Advertising, show up online when internet users are searching for the automobiles that you have for sale at your used car dealership.

RULE Number ONE: Craft Engaging, informative,fun, eye-catching, short and clearly directing with a Call To Action, Video DIGITAL media. I’ll businesses have an angle that can be taken with video weather is motion picture activated digital online business card format or a YouTube video about the people in your business or a Vimeo or YouTube video that describes the process or gives the reader information or shows your business in a fun engaging light.

Rule Number Two: Design and engineer that video specifically, in all available spaces, to be relevant, reflective, and specific, to the search phrase that you would like to show up for. This is a process that will be referred to again and again and often repeated to the point of boredom…….

Rule Three:   upload it to as many video sites and video engines as possible maybe it’s just one YouTube account or four or five different YouTube accounts and a Vimeo account or Spotify or some of the other video engines available online and are popping up everywhere to continue compete with the front page posting a wreck in the power of video.

RULE Number Four: Share, network and distribute that video digital media AS MUCH and as often as humanly possible, Through social sharing that works like google plus, Facebook, twitter, Vimeo, tumbler, Pinterest, HOUZZ, and Many more like them, that are growing in ranking and posting power everyday.

The war for these social network conglomerate engines, that now dominate where Angie’s list and yelp used to inhabit will over time erase any chance that your small business has of showing up through the businesses’ own web site.  You only chance of front page ranking, will to be housed inside of one of these conglomerate social media monsters.

These are bunch of front page posting showing the different phrasesologies  in the long tail keywording context. Examples how the words or praise-ologies walk down as you continue to post valuable and highly search engine visibility engineered digital video search media.


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