“I don’t like the Internet, I just like how it makes my business EASIER & more PROFITABLE”

“If it weren’t for how much money the Internet makes my business, I’d never bother using it”

These are two common responses that I believe reveal a common emotion, that most business owners can agree on…..its business…and that means the bottom line is always MONEY… you feel about using the Internet is irrelevant. Ā 

The question is how you feel about easier opportunity, automated Marketinf, and Bigger bottom line profits. Ā 

These days your business can reap the benefits of the Internet without you, the business owner, having to know anything about it at all…..

It’s no longer a debate, the Internet has become a staple product of the way your business operates.

I don’t care if “you don’t need the Internet”, because you “never have to advertise”. Ā  Ā Congratulations to those dinosaurs out there that succeeded in business before the Internet . Ā You guys act as if you are somehow better than the rest of us because you don’t “need the Internet”, because your SOO successful, that you get all of your business word of mouth……that’s like saying you don’t mind the five mile walk to school, you don’t need a car…..I beleive you, it’s just that live doesn’t HAVE TO BE that hard. Ā Just because you “used to” or ” you can” doesn’t always make the action effective or beneficial….

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