The Best Hardwood Flooring and Custom Installation Sanding, Finishing, Inlays, Medallions Charlottesville Richmond Virginia

The Best Hardwood Flooring and Custom Installation Sanding, Finishing, Inlays, Medallions.  The best, fastest, and most reliable and dependable custom, high-end, hardwood flooring installers.  If you’re looking for a flooring service that can do small custom residential home jobs AND the most lavishly custom luxury estates, and custom inlays, then The Sand King is your number one source for the best Charlottesville and Richmond flooring installation, sanding, finishing and all custom aspects of the trade.

 If it’s real, hard, wood, and you need a great flooring installation, then you only need go to one place in Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia, and that’s the Sand King, conveniently located in between Charlottesville Virginia and Richmond Virginia, the Sand King does the best hardwood flooring installations and the best high end custom residential hardwood flooring inlays and custom residential home building.  Flooring installation for custom contractors and home builders in Charlottesville and Albemarle County Virginia.

 Working directly with custom residential home builders and contracting companies, as well as doing free estimates for custom home owner’s residential remodeling projects.  If it’s custom, high-end flooring installation, sanding finishing, or custom medallions and inlays, go no further than Charlottesville and Richmond’s own The Sand King, located in Zion’s Crossroads of Rt. 64E and Rt 15.  The Best Online Video Marketing on the front page of Google and Youtube, with and

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