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Video SEO is the future of all online advertising.  Did T.V or radio win out, back in the day, I can’t remember…Oh wait, yes I can, so please stop lying to yourself, as a local business, in Charlottesville Virginia, about whether or not your business could benefit from video.   And DON’T be afraid because it’s NOT TOO EXPENSIVE, and IT WILL WORK!!!
In a few years, if you don’t have video, you won’t even be seen at all online.  You need congruent, SEO engineered, relevant, organic digital media, and a digit digital page and post illustrations that are interesting and engaging. Then, and just equally as is as important is to take that online digital media you’ve created and spread create a link it to other valid credible sources online.

Your iPhone or iPad is a great way to start to learn making easy quick simple online video marketing for your smaller local business in Charlottesville Virginia. iMovie provides a great platform to use pictures and turned it into video with a call to action and text leading to your website and also to be able to embed that video into your website.

Think of social media as a way to take your digital illustration or publication, and send, share and link it to areas where you have growing online friend networks.

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