REAL ESTATE Online Video Marketing

REAL ESTATE Online Video Marketing
Houses and Homes for sale Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia: selling with Video SEO and the Best Realtors in Va.
Selling homes is about the unique experiences and the connections and relationships that can be made between looking for a house and finally finding your family a home.

Selling houses these days, is not what it once was. The generation gap in the age of realtors, is drastic, and the millennial’s will be the new rise of the next workforce in the real estate field. This must be addressed immediately by current realtors and those getting into it now.  The industry has been dominated by savvy veterans, who were and still are, the best at what they do.

The point is there’s a lot of very successful holder for real estate agents and not a lot of very young ones.  BUT, with the rise of the millennial generation, and the introduction of the prolific video capacities that the world wide web has recently seen take effect, things are not likely to be the same as they once were.

An industry once predominately won and lost at the hand shake and ‘ol meet and greet, will now see You Tube begin to take on the bulk of the work, and agents that aren’t ranking video with SEO that features their homes, will take a back seat to the young savvy millennials who think nothing of uploading video and mass distribution to the place they know best: social media and the Internet……

This is going to be a sign of the times to come in real estate, as we see the transition of the way homes are viewed by the majority of perspective home buyers…….not in person, not in picture, but from emotional and space captivating video…….and please don’t argue, I didn’t invent video and I don’t need to remind anyone that T.V did pretty well, despite initial doubters (we millennials call them ‘haters’ BTY)

let set me give you some frightening proof of this yet un-acknowledged reality

This site is dedicated to the cultivation of, about and around the entire process of preparing, teaching, and  educating the Charlottesville & Albemarle Community about the necessary steps and processes that are all involved in the successful marketing of your real estate or property, online, with video SEO and dominate umbrella media video blogging.

Real Estate For Sale Online Video Marketing Charlottesville Albemarle Virginia
Land Properties and Homes to buy and sell in Virginia

Video SEO is the future of all online advertising.  Did T.V or radio win out, back in the day, I can’t remember…Oh wait, yes I can, so please stop lying to yourself, as a local business, in Charlottesville virginia, about whether or not your business could benefit from video.   And DONT be afraid because it’s NOT TOO EXPENSIVE, and IT WILL WORK!!!
In a few years, if you don’t have video, you won’t even be seen at all online.  You need congruent, SEO engineered, relevant, organic digital media, and a digit digital page and post illustrations that are interesting and engaging. Then, and just equally as is as important is to take that online digital media you’ve created and spread create a link it to other valid credible sources online.

Your iPhone or iPad is a great way to start to learn making easy quick simple online video marketing for your smaller local business in Charlottesville Virginia. iMovie provides a great platform to use pictures and turned it into video with a call to action and text leading to your website and also to be able to embed that video into your website.

Think of social media as a way to take your digital illustration or publication, and send, share and link it to areas where you have growing online friend networks.

Make no mistake about it, the future of your success as a realtor, will be a direct result of your ability to create, optimize and distribute digital video media.  Page ranking has nothing to do with whether you have a website or not.  Ive out page ranked small businesses’  website’s with nearly every keyword phrase I’ve gone after, with my You Tube Channel alone, as well as my Vimeo and my Google Plus.  It’s about your aggregate online presence AND you activity across the board.  There is no hiding from the truth.  Face it now and you will succeed, but to turn your head from video and blogging and you tube is literally asking to never be seen on the web again……

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