www.MusicVideoMobile.com MUSIC VIDEOS: HOW to Make Multi-Camera iPad Music VIDEOs SOLO

www.MusicVideoMobile.com MUSIC VIDEOS: HOW to Make Multi-Camera iPad Music VIDEOs SOLO

The iPad and the iPhone, now have an incredibly fast array of the best new music making apps. Since reviewing very closely, the best new music making apps for the iPhone and iPad, I have come to heavily rely on GarageBand, iMovie, and beat maker. Their various other great new music apps are coming out for not only video editing but also for songwriting and music making. The methodology that I find works the easiest, and is brewed proven to be the most simple method of creating your own multi-camera angle iPad music video production.  The first thing I was used to do is to make sure you use either your iPhone, or iPad, to open up the garage band app and set the length of the song in the metronome to the right beats per minute.  

Hit record on GarageBand and then open up your camera app. Make sure you first set the settings in GarageBand, to make the app running in the background while you open other apps.  With the camera app now open you want to then open the camera app on your other iPhone or iPad device, and also open up the camera.

Then as close to at the same time that you can, you want to hit the record button on both devices.  The new selfie sticks that are out that extend 4 feet and let you push a button are a great way to record yourself on video from afar. Also for five dollars at your local family dollar store, you can pick up a key ring button that will Bluetooth play and stop your iPhone video.  Above is a video example of what I can look like when you sync to video angles from two separate devices onto your iPad to video and edit them. Go to www.YouTube.com/JAEGERBentley

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www.MusicVideoSEO.com How to Handcraft a song on the iPad with Beatmaker 2 Apple App Reviews from MediaVizual on Vimeo.

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