Why is it that all I see, Online, about Marketing Attorneys,  is ultimately the same conclusion every time…..

Brace yourself attorneys you’re going to pay nearly $1000 a day?!?

Attorneys must be HORRIFIED

Is that a joke?

Pay Per Click operates 50% on Organic Indacators………

Meaning you could bid higher than your competitor and still be choosen by AdWords on rotation…..WHY?!?!?

Because GOOGLE AND AdWords CANNOT afford to lose the 2/10 Online Users that still considers POC an option at all.  

If they continue to give to the highest Bidder per Click, they constantly run the risk of getting too many low relevancy results and losing one of the 20% market share of online users they still have.

It cannot possibly be stressed enough, the millisecond-long, attention span, of the upcoming generation.

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