Front Page Online Video Marketing


Online Marketing has changed since Google made it’s major update to the algorithm over five years ago now.  Essentially Google’s adjustments were the necessary ingredients to eliminate 99.6% of existing ‘Black Hat’ tactic SEO & Affiliate Marketing Companies at the time…..and from the ashes rose a level playing field and an entirely new ranking system.

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Online Search Engine Results PageS, or SERPS, were once dictated largely by the amount of viewership a certain digital media publication had…..the more views, the further up the SERPS results the post would climb.

So naturally we are all conditioned to expect to see a lot of views associated with a front page ranking publication or website.  Same applied to YouTube.

Viewership once predominantly drove the Search Engine’s proprietary ranking systems.

Now that technology has significantly changed the way that search engines are able to catalogue and rank webpages and posts….rather than drawing on viewership as the guiding factor, search engines are now able to draw from a multitude of page ranking factors, many far removed from the original content creator’s control.

 Meaning that there is only so much you can do, in the way of conventional SEO, before other factors start to take control of the ranking systems internal to modern day search engines like Google…..

What does it mean?  Well, 2 things….

  1.  Everyone now has the same chance, technically, of ranking their business, company, or service’s website and digital media page publications on the FRONT PAGE

  2. It means that it will be useless to try and cheat the system, Google will know, and your methods will be terminated, aka rendered obsolete…Period.  It doesn’t matter that you might get to the front page for a few months, your methods will be exposed, that is, as long as they are falsified and illegitimate methods.

Enter the Rise of VIDEO RANKING, aka Video killed the Radio Star……

If you’re not using Video Marketing, there’s a good chance that you’ll be suffering from two detrimental symptoms of poor online marketing….false hope….and a false sense of security….

Let me go a little more in detail…

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If a Keyword is worth one word, and a picture is worth 1,000 words, wouldn’t you have a hard time, mathematically, keeping up with someone posting five pictures a week, each worth a 1,000 words, while you’re writing 500 word essays once a week?  Let’s examine…..After one week you’ve got 500 words and your competitor has 5,000…..Yes, we can assume then, that one would have a hard time keeping up….one could even say that at that rate, save some errant viral miracle, that it would be impossible fighting against the grain with words vs. images….

So what if I tell you that 60 seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words!?  Could we save ourselves the trouble by saying, that given similar SEO standards, someone putting out original video media, everyday, would stay comfortably out in front of both publishers using text essays, or graphic imagery…..

Sure there are many other factors, but the sheer dissonance, between the keyword possibilities in the above three scenarios, is dramatic enough to indicate video is more than just an influencing factor….it’s a DRIVING factor

Video will drive the SERPS in 2 MAJOR ways…

  1.  Video is much more powerful in it’s ability to rank fresh digital media to the Front Pages of the Search Engine’s Results.  A website may have to take years of gaining credibility, in order to post a publication to the front page of search engine’s results, whereas the right Video SEO, and a rookie online publisher has roughly the same chance of posting to the Front Page, by using the Page Rank of Google’s dominate YouTube Platform…..and there you  have your first real insight into what now drives SEO…PAGERANK

  2. Video is also CRITICAL, in that if you have the most potently ranking online digital video media asset, to a specific keyword phrases, then that video can be used to ‘ride’ it’s page ranking, by embedding it into your webpage, and watching your webpage’s ranking increase via back linking the ranked video to your digital assets….

These two factors don’t even begin to touch on the power video plays, in it’s role with your potential online cliental’s viewer engagement.  Hopefully T.V has taught us that lesson by now!