SEO is DEAD…Anyone that claims otherwise IS ROBBING YOU BLIND!


There is a 99% chance that your marketing company has NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

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Why no one has ANY idea or CLUE how to do SEO

Let’s talk specifically about the last article I read and about how truly off-base, and clueless, they are about how to actually ever accomplish any successful result pertaining to search engine optimization

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Why Digital Marketers Fail

Are used to think that Digital Marketing SOLAR were literally and purposely robbing your business blind. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re just consciously ignorant to their own profession. It’s hard to blame them when the reality is they lack the ability to even think about how to do their job even a little bit correctly…. is that sad? Yes it is. But it’s not their fault. They just have no idea what the fuck they’re doing.

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To understand how truly incompetent Digital Marketing SOLAR, imagine a 4 foot eight man trying to play professional basketball, when he has no idea how to dribble, no idea what a pass means, and zero clue how to get the ball in the net. A complete lack of any competence in one’s profession is the closest I can come to describing the intelligence of the digital marketing community in general.

The reason that it’s hard to blame the digital marketing community, is that they really never had any chance at all at figuring out how to do the job. It’s too complicated, it’s over their head, and the lack of the willpower and intelligence to do anything beneficial for your business. Now don’t get me wrong, they will claim all day long, that they know what they’re doing. Just realize, that there cognition Atlee ignorant, And most likely lack the intelligence to realize that there, in reality, robbing your business blind by the fault of their ignorance.

For instance, doesn’t this most easily explain why you’ve never ever been able to prove any positive results from your marketing expenditures? It’s very simple. It is a marketing agencies you’re hiring have no clue how to do a single fucking thing that Does anything to help your business, because all the new had to do is try and take your money so they can feed the family. It’s not that they don’t have any interest in helping your business, is that they have no intelligent capacity to have any clue how to truly help your business.

Not all those who wander are lost.


Now I understand what that quote means. It means that some people choose consciously to wander. It is not an actual excuse for the fact that your digital marketing company is not competent enough to make your business money. It’s not that they’re evil or bad people. It’s that they have no business being in the digital marketing industry. Now if this were not true, then you’d be able to prove exactly how your marketing dollars are working for your business to make you money.

Now let’s put it in perspective. The reality is, your marketing company, or digital agency, that your business pays, literally has no fucking clue at all what they’re doing, how to do it, or what it even means to do a quality job for your business.

It’s not necessarily their fault, is that they’re not intelligent enough to have any clue what they’re doing, and should be in a different profession.

If that seems harsh consider this. When was the last time you paid a dollar for marketing and could prove that it made you a dollar? Yeah you very well may have an answer to that question, but it, and I guarantee it, wasn’t because anybody knew what to do digitally with your business. For all intents and purposes, Digital Marketing is dead, and everyone in the industry aught to be put in prison for robbing our small, medium and large size businesses blind.

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