Online Marketing Alternative to Adwords

Online Marketing Alternative to Adwords

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HOW TO SEO: Lawyers and Attorneys Richmond Virginia Washington DC

HOW TO SEO: Lawyers and Attorneys Richmond Virginia Washington DC

 How to show up on Google, Bing and Yahoo, if you are an attorney or criminal defense lawyer in Richmond Virginia, or Washington DC.

The first thing that you want to to identify a niche market of law, that is your main focus.

Many rising defense attorneys or aspiring DUI lawyers, May very well, quickly, tell you “I don’t have A niche or a focus, I do it all”.  I totally understand this sentiment, I do not disbelieve anyone, but despite that answer, or its validity, a niche focus must be determined.

It is all too common, not only for lawyers and defense attorneys, but for every business, to respond to what they do best, by saying everything. If can, just for a moment,  separate our instinctive nature to be the best at everything, and instead answer the question for the real reason is being asked. 

You establish your niche, to determine, the strategy for your lawyer or defense attorney’s upcoming online advertising marketing campaign.  Meaning, even if you are the best of everything you must start somewhere, and the first place should be for you to identify what it is you are “extra extra best” at, as a defense attorney or DUI Lawyer.  

This can be explained in no better way, then by the example I am already giving by default, as I walk you through this process. Noticed that each time identify both lawyer and attorney, and when possible, designate that I mean to speak about a “DUI attorney or a defense lawyer”. 

This is because, when writing or creating an online digital publication, for online marketing, everyone must keep in mind, that the words they use, will be exactly the words identified with the visibility online, of that publication.

Meaning, that in this instance even I am attempting to make it clear, that even though I would like to post for all types of LAWYERS, and their online marketing, I know the reality is more difficult than that, and so I apply the niche identification of, DUI or defense, before I use the word lawyer or attorney. This is solely and specifically, to reduce my competition online, concerning the visibility and posting power of this page publication.

For instance, you might be a lawyer in Richmond Virginia that mainly makes money taking DUI cases. Another example, would be a Washington DC attorney that specifies in traffic violations, or marriage separation law.  

 Once you have established your niche law market, in your Washington DC, or Richmond, Virginia area, you then focus on the engineered outline of your online Digital publishing template.

To save time and money, it is extremely important that you first and foremost, craft a template from which you will drag-and-drop media and text into, for future, drag-and-drop style online publishing.

Now the methodology that you take from the get-go, will depend on where you are at this point, as far as the size and detail of your aggregate online digital assets.  Meaning, do you have a webpage, a blog, for a particular niche, so that you and actively engaged in for business?

 To be continued….