Best New Music Videos

BEST NEW MUSIC VIDEOS iPhone How to Best Music Videos from The Video Review on Vimeo.

BEST NEW MUSIC VIDEOS iPhone How to Best Music Videos How To iPhone Music Video Online Marketing GarageBand FreeStyle  The best new live music videos and how to ranking lessons for rising musicians trying to get their music out there.  Use online music videos and go to for instructional on how to use Video SEO to rank you best new iPhone or iPhone multi camera angle music video productions.

iPhone Music Videos

iPhone Music Videos

Showing the best new music video artists, how they can market themselves on the FRONT PAGE, to the keywords that most identify with the success of their music….

For instance, you wouldn’t want to title, label and describe your best new iPhone music video the name of your song…..

You would want to put the name of the song in all of those SEO boxes like ‘title’, ‘tags’ and ‘description’, but you MUST ALSO put in words like “best new artist” or “best new music videos online’, meaning use descriptive words that describe how your potential fan base is searching for new music like yours.

Focus each new music video, you post online, with a certain set of descriptive keywords, that you repeat naturally, throughout your description.  This will give you a focus opportunity, in order to track your progress.  If you just label everything as ‘best new music videos’, then you are more likely to be lost at sea, amongst millions of other posts.

BUT if you label your digital media with more specific terms, you will LARGELY increase your ability to show up on the front page….for instance….optimize your digital media music videos for the city that you play in…”best new rock musicians charlottesville virginia”

This edition of your geo location, will greatly decrease the competition of your post, localizing the results to be specific to your city and state……