How To RANK VIDEOS on YouTube, and use those videos to START .com’s

graphic design Click on all Tabs and Buttons to see if theyead to anymore available fields, you are looking for any and ALL Data Entry Text Box Fields, that could possibly give YouTube more information about the specifics to your video, will provide the foundation for your VIDEO Network Engineering and, ultimately, the RANKING of your VIDEO in YouTube's Video Library. The Detailed Description, Title, Tags, Annotations & Closed Caltions are the ABDOLUTE Must Fill In Text Fields, each with their own degree of detail and time, that can be taken to complete, in order to acheive the highest Video RANKING. STEP FOUR: Check to Make sure that each field and it's opening Keyword Phrase is vertically aligned with one another. Make sure text is all congruently consistent with your overall visibility action strategy. Watch these Video SEO EXAMPLES OF Online Video Marketing and iPad Digital Graphic Design Imagery by: The Online

How To RANK VIDEOS on YouTube, and use those videos to START .com’s that will QUICKLY become Dominate Web Posting DIGITAL ASSETS!

Video is what will drive the bulk of online user experience in the years to come, and is already dominating the ROI column, and rightfully so……

Videography used to be an incredibly labor intensive endeavor, costing thousands of dollars.

Today, with the ability of the internet to harbor and stream video into the daily online user’s mobile device, small and local business has an opportunity, that has never been seen before. The opportunity to compete with big money and corporate business in Marketing.

The internet and Social Media, have provided the perfect staging field for small business to merge with, and stay in constant contact with, their local community, WITH GREAT VIDEO ADVERTISING, on an equal playing field to those corporations that would have normally purchased far superior Marketing Strategies and Results, long from the reach of the little guy….., best SEO Online Video Marketing and Video Engineering for WebPage and Business Video Ranking Acuity and Expertise
Social Media and the art of Engineering Digital Video Media, for Search Engine Optimization, will take on leading role’s in the part of your business or service’s Online Marketing Success.,ONLINE MARKETING WARNING:  USE HANDCRAFTED SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO SEO  Social Media and the art of Engineering Digital Video Media, for Search Engine Optimization, will take on leading role’s in the part of your business or service’s Online Marketing Success.  Gone are the days of your website’s existence being enough to constitute a well formulated internet advertising and online marketing campaign…..
Social Media and the way online consumers interact on the web, is rapidly morphing, from an internet where consumers referenced local businesses, to what is quickly becoming the ONLY way that your local business, service, or industry, will be found at ALL.

BEST AUTO MARKETING: Online Dealership Used Car VIDEO Social Media Marketing

FeaturedThe best used cars for sale and the best auto video online marketing and social media integration, in Charlottesville, Northern Va and Richmond Virginia, DC, MD, NC, Ny, CA! AUTO Online Video Marketing Used Cars Trucks Pre-owned Vehicles FOR SALE BEST AUTO Online Video MARKETING: Used Car Video Social Media Marketing
The best used cars for sale and the best auto video online marketing and social media integration, in Charlottesville, Northern Va and Richmond Virginia, DC, MD, NC, Ny, CA! 

BEST AUTO Online Video MARKETING: Used Car Video Social Media Marketing

C’ville Richmond Va Charlottesville Virginia

To get your web page or digital business media, of your automobile used cars and trucks for sale, number one on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, video SEO and social media are a MUST!  When you have new inventory of used cars for sale, on your dealership, the best way to market your dealership’s used Toyota trucks or 4-Runners for sale, is to market video on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 

Used car dealerships would greatly benefit from a cognitive online system, where an ever growing contact list, of potential used car buyers, is interconnected with an ever growing online visibility and exposure to the right long tail keyword phrases, in order to ultimately make your dealership consistent money within the niche markets of your used car, truck, and pre owned vehicle online marketing campaigns.

Having a focused and niche based strategy will allow you to build a quicker presence for credibility, within the term search terms and phrases, that you are looking to gain exposure to.
Instead of just trying to show up right away for the more general and highly competitive search phrase “used cars for sale”,  rather focus these phraseologies to be more direct and more specific to the actual products you are looking to focus on……a great example being, instead of trying to gain online posting power for such a competitive phrase like, “used cars for sale”.

Instead try “Best Used Toyota 4wd used pick up truck for sale low miles”

Yes, less people will type this specific phrase in, BUT you will be in a winning position because you have guaranteed yourself online used car exposure, by adhering to more niche phrasing than the much more general “used cars for sale”

This will benefit your used car dealership in two ways immediately:  it begins establishing a focused plan of initiative.This is a great example of how ANYONE can just walk or drive up on the scene, and get away with making a short and entertaining enough iPhone video that can be used to promote one’s used cars for sale auto dealership.

builders, custom contractors, online artistic video marketing the best businesses Charlottesville Virginia

The point is, that the future of video and it’s applications for online dealership marketing, are limitless and in YOUR hands.  Now getting that digital video media ranked, may be another entirely different story.  BUT, that’s ok, because you will be constantly growing you social media “constant contact” email pool list, allowing you to connect with the community, when you have new used car inventory that you need them to see.

AND, if you know how important it is, as a used car dealership in Charlottesville or Richmond Virginia, to market online, ahead of your competition, overnight, to niche phrases with legitimate buying power, that consumers WILL actually type into a local search engine bar when they need “best used Lincoln LS for sale”……then you’ll remember that you can always email to ensure your used car dealership, and it’s online marketing campaign, is fully loaded with video…….but not just video….

MediaVizual will ensure that your websites and your videos, will show up on the first two pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo, when search phrases are typed into local search engines that directly identify with the way your small or local business or used car dealership, makes money.

Here’s an example of a video that took five minutes to walk through and create, and is still on the first page of You Tube, the second largest search engine in the world today…..

YOUR business needs to be on the first two pages of Google Searches, so that you can turn you used car inventory over as quickly as possible, week in and week out. has monthly packages that include Craig’s List advertising directly leading consumers to your website, videos and contact list…..ultimately providing you with a fully automated system to stay on the front page, organically, and for a long time, ahead of your local dealership’s competition.
Then use Social Media to share your digital business media through social platforms such as Tumbler, Twitter, Vine, Vimeo and Youtube.  This allows you to reach the maximum number of potential clients and their peers.
Marketing Online for your used cars for sale, is the best way to market your used cars for sale!Go to today for the Best Online Auto Video Marketing, Video Ranking, and Web Page visibility.  Best SEO in Charlottesville Virginia, Northern Va and Richmond Virginia, DC, MD, NC, Ny, CA!
When consumers type searches into Google Bing and Yahoo that relate to how your Richmond Virginia Used Car Auto Dealership, makes money, like “best used Toyota trucks for sale richmond Va”, does your company show up on the first two pages of google, with multiple organic and video listings on the major search engines?

Video marketing on the first two pages of Google with video that is engaging, organic, relevant, and informative, is critical to your online marketing success in Charlottesville or Richmond Va.

Remember video SEO and social media are a MUST! Go now to to get your small business and it’s used cars for sale in Richmond Va on Google, Bing and Yahoo AND throughout social media.

Best Pawn Shops Richmond VA: Virginia Consignment and Pawn Stores Best Online Video Marketing

pawn shops, services and video SEO charlottesville richmond virginia

Best Pawn Shops Richmond VA: Virginia Consignment and Pawn Stores Best Online Video Marketing

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Va Pawn Stores And consignment shops need to have great video marketing of the gold guitars, amps, DVDs, flatscreen TVs, jewelry and guns online and throughout social media on a connected social media network that can work to sell their goods and products for them effortlessly online.

Your webpage is where you make your money and where you sell your products and video is far and away the best convey a ball form of digital media to sell products with. It is imperative that you set up a network of social media link to your community and surrounding purchasing an online by consumers for your pawnshop goods in Richmond Virginia so that you can circulate your video marketing through A digital network of friends and friends of those friends online that can spread the digital word-of-mouth about your products.

The issues that is expensive to get video done in the audio and video engineering is tedious and often times very very expensive. It wasn’t but a few years ago that a video TV commercial for a small business was $15,000. Now that cost is primarily or partly at least because of the advertising platform that TV was able to provide for small business.

Now times of changed, pawn shops now have a viable way to video market online, instantly to their consumers and social media network base.

Now there is a universal marketing platform for video on the Internet, and all all business can now compete equally and evenly online, to sell products and create visibility for their brand company, pawn shop products or service.

pawn shops, services and video SEO charlottesville richmond virginia
pawn shops, services and video SEO charlottesville richmond virginia




Pawn Shops Richmond VA: Virginia Consignment and Pawn stores best online video marketing.









SEO’s not DEAD yet…the RISE of the Creative Multi Media ONLINE ENGINEER The newest and BEST page ranking VIDEO Marketing and Advertising

SEO’s not DEAD yet…the RISE of the Creative Multi Media ONLINE ENGINEER The newest and BEST page ranking VIDEO Marketing and Advertising

the POWER, IMPORTANCE AND INFLUENCE of ONLINE video, VIDEO SEO, Online Engineering, social media, video marketing, video blogging, SHARING, liking, your aggregate connectivity and network engineering, of your digital business media…….AKA……

Whether anybody can never find you online so you can make money.

THE Right online network engineering and creative video and audio layering, that is all congruent with your organic digital media, and is also Creative, Informative, and Engaging. Important as well, is being correctly engineered with LTKW congruent, campaign strategies and social media liking and sharing, network methodology with be paramount to your local businesses’ ability to page rank.

Video SEO will decide alone whether your businesses’ “online digital video business card” will ever see the first two pages of a local search engine query that directly relates to how your business makes money. Engineering your digital media to be visible in the local search engine queries.


When someone types into a search engine bar, whether it be Google, Bing or Yahoo, phrases that relate to how your business makes money, does YOUR businesses’ digital media, Vimeo, YouTube Social Media OR webpage or blog, or ANYTHING, directing them further to your site, show up on the first page?! Are You Visible?

If you’re a used car dealership, when somebody types in “the best used cars for sale in Charlottesville Virginia , Miami, Nyc, Ny, Hollywood” does your business pop up in the first two pages of Google?

Can you be found when, in the small amount of time that people spend on the first few pages, deciding which business they’re going to choose, are you available to them in the short few seconds as they decide?

I’m not gonna pull up any referenced statistics but from statistics I have read I know that this is cystic strongly show that not only does video marketing sell overwhelmingly before any other digital media because it is the most conveyor belt form that allows people at least opportunity to have to imagine and the most opportunity to see but it is also the driving force for page ranking in the best way viewers’ or potential clients’, eyes interest and click?

If your builder in Hollywood do you show up for the search phrase “best high end builders or contractors in Hollywood California”

Trust me when I say how important it is to show up on the first two pages of a Google search Google controls and dominates the structure of what shows up on the Internet, Bing and Yahoo follow suit very shortly despite a small video discrepancy in with their main library…….

I cannot stress the fear that you should have about severity of ADD and hyper deficit disorders of my fellow millennial generation, What that means to the amount of’s time or near milliseconds that we will spend not getting what we want online when we are looking for something to try to make a decision. I would have to like it to literally a lightning strike in the sky which is how fast our eyes search the webpage, looking for what catches our eye or attention. It really should not have to be noted that when the guy looks quickly add a page of all text if there is a video color tab that will catch the eye every time. PERIOD.

Lower number of examples of how the video tab that I have rent on the first page sticks out above all other posts and nothing is a guarantee but you got to give yourself the best chance to get that click, and certainly this is a very very large indicator of whether you get that first look or ultimately that click, being able to catch their attention above all other post on the page with a colorful video tab.

Having keyworded, or more so, long tail keyworded, network engineered posts, pages and video digital media, along with photographic images, all specifically, again, networked and engineered with accurate and congruent titles post tags, meta data, structured data, video site mapping and so on, will be extremely neccessary as large conglomerate social media sites and job hiring sites gobble up the first page to nearly EVERYTHING.

I don’t need to psychologist or a statistic to know that I see it and I know it you can choose to disagree and that’s just fine…….