APPLE App Reviews The MEDIAVIZUAL.COM REPORT Best New Music Making Apps, Instrumental, BeatMaker, GarageBand

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APPLE App Reviews The MEDIAVIZUAL.COM REPORT Best New Music Making Apps, Instrumental, BeatMaker, GarageBand How to Handcraft a song on the iPad with Beatmaker 2 Best New Tutorial Video Apple App Reviews

How to, handcraft, make a song, music on the ipad, ipad music, beatmaker 2, apple app reviews, best apple reviews, how to make a beat, ipad beat making, best new music making apps, best beat making apps, best music app review, apple, ipad, garageband, beatmaker2,page ranking video ranking services SEO onlnie video marketing
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How to Handcraft your own Digital Music with the best new music making apps and Apple App Reviews by The Mobile Musician

The ability to choose from an array of different instruments and to accompany them with handcrafted beats, never using another person’s loop if you don’t want to. GarageBand and Beatmaker 2 make it incredibly easily to make you own intricate, and multi instrumental music iPad and iPhone recording productions, perfect for uploading to Soundcloud and distributing throughout social media.

Making music on the iPad and iPhone, with the best new music making apps, can certainty be one of my absolute favorite things to do.

IMG_5491 Making beats on the iPad with Beatmaker 2 and then adding some Dub Step bass sounds creates a great musical platform to then take those sounds and copy them into GarageBand where you can VERY SIMPLY add a few more instruments.

Then the benefit of GarageBand is that you can use inter-audio apps like VocalLive to enhance the presets on your voice tracks. Giving you an ideal musical blend of beats, instrumentals, and vocals.

Adding a compressor, and panning the vocals with double tracks, to the left and right, leaves you with a semi-professional recording that is great for marketing yourself as an independent, up and coming iPad Musician.

Follow the Mobile Music Missiopage ranking and video ranking servicesn through and to learn everything about the mobile music video iPad production experience.

IMG_1571How to, handcraft, make a song, music on the ipad, ipad music, beatmaker 2, apple app reviews, best apple reviews, how to make a beat, ipad beat making, best new music making apps, best beat making apps, best music app review, apple, ipad, garageband, beatmaker2, instruments, handcraft beats, loops, dubstep, VocalLive MUSIC VIDEOS: HOW to Make Multi-Camera iPad Music VIDEOs SOLO MUSIC VIDEOS: HOW to Make Multi-Camera iPad Music VIDEOs SOLO

The iPad and the iPhone, now have an incredibly fast array of the best new music making apps. Since reviewing very closely, the best new music making apps for the iPhone and iPad, I have come to heavily rely on GarageBand, iMovie, and beat maker. Their various other great new music apps are coming out for not only video editing but also for songwriting and music making. The methodology that I find works the easiest, and is brewed proven to be the most simple method of creating your own multi-camera angle iPad music video production.  The first thing I was used to do is to make sure you use either your iPhone, or iPad, to open up the garage band app and set the length of the song in the metronome to the right beats per minute.  

Hit record on GarageBand and then open up your camera app. Make sure you first set the settings in GarageBand, to make the app running in the background while you open other apps.  With the camera app now open you want to then open the camera app on your other iPhone or iPad device, and also open up the camera.

Then as close to at the same time that you can, you want to hit the record button on both devices.  The new selfie sticks that are out that extend 4 feet and let you push a button are a great way to record yourself on video from afar. Also for five dollars at your local family dollar store, you can pick up a key ring button that will Bluetooth play and stop your iPhone video.  Above is a video example of what I can look like when you sync to video angles from two separate devices onto your iPad to video and edit them. Go to

Follow along with, http://www.MakeMusicMobile and


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Welcome to the Millennial……”WE ARE THEY”!

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e littler man.

Think about it….. An entire generation grown up with the ability to make video out of the convenience of the handheld device in their pocket.

Untitled 3
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New Music Videos Hollywood California, live new music Charlottesville Virginia Video SEO. Social Media online video marketing examples, live music Cville Va

Live New Music Videos Hollywood California to Charlottesville Virginia, featuring multi-angle video music productions and audio engineering on the iPad, showing all of Charlottesville Va and Hollywood California how to market music videos and new artists online with Social Media video SEO and multi-camera angle iPad mobile music studio productions!

The iPad is the best way to market yourself as a new live music Charlottesville artist, and really it goes the same if you are marketing any business or entity online.

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more examples of online video marketing for social media, with digital media video SEO marketing strategies, watch this video marketing example of how video helped this mobile home company craft clever and engaging, organic content to increase their mobile home online page ranking and visibility, using video engineeing and music video production, by crafting a theme song to attract viewership throughout the online music video social media marketing and advertising campaign.

How to digitally market your small business online and gain page ranking through video SEO and social media techniques

video sep through graphic design, branding, scripting and distribution

Creating quality blogs that will get your business traffic consistently while aiding your website’s page ranking

Marketing your small business online is all about creating interesting, relevant, original content.  Two things you must know about what different media will gain you which advantages or not, and how to craft an efficient template for distribution, will make all of the difference in the success of your overall campaign.

IMG_2085 IMG_2098 IMG_2107 IMG_2110 IMG_2113 The first thing to know is that the “better” your media, the more “points” Google will award your post, and consequently, the more likely Google is to place your media at the top of a related search query.  Now remember, it’s all of these tips in aggregate, so I’m sure some people would say that it doesn’t do much, and if they mean vs a video, then of course they’d be right.  But it’s all about the little steps, that add up to make a large difference in the end.

Right down to taking the time to identify the right long tail keyword SEO plan.  Don’t let anyone tell you what should make perfectly good sense to you, if it’s explained right the first time…..People will say anything to get what they want, or just to flat out be right, or to try and ‘put you in your place’…..and if you only talk to a few people about SEO, it can be very misleading and VERY confusing.

I want you to do me a favor, a little exercise with me, somewhat Socratic, and you can draw your own conclusions.  I want you to clear your mind of any judgements or opinions ESPECIALLY negative views skewed by some event in the past, or something you heard.  Just consider things at your own pace and draw your own conclusions….from scratch.  I’ll cover photographs today, but quickly cover all I know so we can start learning together… least I hope someone will give their opinion so I can play with others!

I put it like this b/c I don’t have a horse in the game; meaning it makes no difference to me whether you believe my opinion about what SEO is or my personal answers about how to approach your own small or local online marketing campaign.  I just really enjoy thinking, and sharing and learning, and growing collectively stronger, and more capable as a connected people. So I’d love to hear everyone else’s opinion and ever-changing conclusions about these topics, I certainly don’t claim mine is right, it’s just my own logical thought pattern and the conclusions I have to work with, based on the success and proof I have and have had….nothing more.

Heck, I’d concede that I could have gotten lucky twice or three times in a row……but I think we all know that Google doesn’t allow for that casino conveinence!  So, anyway, I’m just sharing and learning and growing myself……here is how I have drawn conclusions, from asking myself: WWGOODO?  What would Google do?  

I can pretty much count on the certainty of what I assume Google will do, because they have a straight forward objective, with zero room for error, or social uproar rather.  Google is hear to make money like everyone else.  They make money by providing a service to businesses.  Advertising and exposure to the right people: arguably not only the most important thing your business can do as a business, but maybe even more important than what your business is.

Even if it’s a bad business you can make plenty of money before you eventually lose (and all bad things, unmoral things, evil, weak, carless, and just plain illegal and bad for the people of our world ideas and businesses will come to a certain end, the people will not tolerate it, and they shouldn’t ever have to).  Point is if you have a great product and can’t get in front of the right people, then you’ll make way less money than even the “bad” business because of what I hope are obvious reasons.  Don’t tell me that word of mouth will do it, because speaking in majorities, word of mouth can only reach so many people in time, and the “bad business” that marketing perfectly to everyone in the country, at least got one sale before they were exposed! And your small business, most likely would take a lifetime to sell that many units, no matter how good the product was, by word of mouth alone in the exact same situation.   Sorry, I am incredibly too verbose, I just seek to explain the details, sorry.

So what is a ‘better’ picture? Think logically from the standpoint of Google, whose job is basically to make sure that relevant, helpful posts, appear in the the top of your searches, AND to make sure that fraudulent companies, trying to appear relevant to your search, but that are really trying to market you something else, don’t appear in front of legit companies…….What does this tell you?  It tells you that logically a higher resolution photo, probably means your company took extra effort to create a portfolio, with a photographer with an expensive camera, or whatever.  A machine, copying and pasting could not easily do this and maintain a super high quality.  At least its A LOT more likely that a legit company did it.

All signs that you are a legitimate company, and not one falsifying data. So craft media with good, quality photos, along with inviting, interesting, engaging text to draw your readers in.  Just remember that no text you could possibly write will catch their eye like a photo, so make sure its the first thing they see when they go to view your post so you get the best chance at engaging them.

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