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Most reliable, dependable, and service oriented, design/build cabinet makers, with 43 years of handmade and individually designed, custom kitchens and interior woodworking.


The best cabinet makers in Virginia and the best online video marketing in Virginia AND in New York City and Hollywood.

 The most experienced Custom Kitchen Designers & Master Craftsmen, servicing Ca, Fl, Ny, Ny.  Production and factory cabinetry has taken over the residential market, and factoryThe most experienced and committed, to their clients’ overall satisfaction, are the cabinet makers and custom kitchen designers, who have been in business, with consistent success, making their clients TRULY happy.

 “It Can’s Be Perfect, but it can be Jaeger & Ernst”. serving the local Virginia, Washington DC, and Bethesda MD areas, including Loudon County Va, Falls Church, and the greater Northern Virginia area.

The most experienced and service oriented, design/build cabinet makers, with 43 years of commitment and dedication to handcrafting ambience and dreams.
Also ACE Contracting Charlottesville Virginia

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The Best Architects, High-End Home Builders & Custom Cabinetry Designers Va, DC, Md

The Best Architects, High-End Home Builders & Custom Cabinetry Designers Va, DC, Md

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The best Master Craftsmen and cabinetry designers from CALIFORNIA TO VIRGINIA. With 43 years of design/build cabinetry experience, there’s little that the master craftsmen of can’t do for the homeowner that’s wants the custom kitchen of their dreams….at jaeger & Ernst, they are “Building Dreams Upon Request”

To adhere to the fine art of traditional, high-end, custom cabinetry design, one must make a commitment to the blend between style craftsmanship and design architecture.  For the vast number of unseen elements that combine and aggregate too, many times, leaving an extremely complex and detailed set of plans, necessary to complete some of the most luxury home building, and fine cabinetry and wood working projects.

Not too unknown any longer, is the inherent amount of labor and time, necessary to build these woodworking wonders and beautiful cabinetry designs, but often I noticed still, is the time it takes to plan out and design such beautiful and complex woodworking structures projects kitchens, and interiors.

 Fine cabinetry and high-end custom, woodworking design takes an equal amount of thought in the before, and planning stages of the project, and an ample and a full amount of time during the handcrafting process.

We may live in a time, where much is done in the name of square footage and assembly line, Henry Ford, production model home building…but not completely gone, yet, is the art of the individually handcrafted, custom kitchen, forged out of a lifetime of experience, love, and dedicated service, from true, honest Master Craftsmen and Custom Kitchen Designers.

Is Your Business’s Online Digital Media Visibile to Search Engines?

Online marketing is all about visibility. The question used to be, do you have a website at all, that someone could reference, if they met you, then went home to verify that you were a professional? 

Now there’s a different question to ask yourself….What chances would you make to your online marketing strategy if the internet, all of a sudden, morphed into the only way your business was found at all.  Instead of being a reference of prodessionalism, your website will now be, the vessel by which your business is discovered at all.  Faded are the days when your time afforded you the luxury of meeting all of your clients in person.

Ask yourself if your business would benefit from online marketing, specifically, when people type in search phrase words that identify with the success of your small, or local Charlottesville or Richmond Virginia business, is your website visible? 

A successful online marketing campaign will include video marketing and a commitment to excellent service. In an era where everyone is searching for businesses online, it is imperative that you have great video marketing and social media networking and congruent digital media strategy, to tie ypu aggregate online activity, towards your webpage. You most likely need an online engineer…

The best online video advertising and social media network engineering creating viable content marketing and organic keywording strategies that network together in order to create a unified strategy for your webpage to start working for your business and making money when keyword searches are typed in that identify with the way your small local Virginia business makes money.  

When paper click and other very cost and very ineffective measures, are all that’s available besides being grouped into the Yellow Pages listings, if you will right now is the best opportunity to take it advantage of organic multiple listing sites of your business is media on the first few pages of google Bing and Yahoo.

To ensure the credibility and staying power of your business’ digital media,it is imperative that you join forces with a marketing company that creates concert and video and social media networking engineered strategies. 
Without this your video or your digital business media for your webpage, unless you are one of the few fortunate to always just happened to be on the front page because you been online so long, then you must make sure someone engineers that digital media video graphic picture design, and text to be visible when search phrases that identify with your business’ success,are typed into your local search engines.

The Best Hardwood Flooring and Custom Installation Sanding, Finishing, Inlays, Medallions Charlottesville Richmond Virginia BEST Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Designers Tx, Tn, Ca, Ny, Fl and BEYOND
The Best Hardwood Flooring and Custom Installation Sanding, Finishing, Inlays, Medallions.  The best, fastest, and most reliable and dependable custom, high-end, hardwood flooring installers.  If you’re looking for a flooring service that can do small custom residential home jobs AND the most lavishly custom luxury estates, and custom inlays, then The Sand King is your number one source for the best Charlottesville and Richmond flooring installation, sanding, finishing and all custom aspects of the trade.

 If it’s real, hard, wood, and you need a great flooring installation, then you only need go to one place in Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia, and that’s the Sand King, conveniently located in between Charlottesville Virginia and Richmond Virginia, the Sand King does the best hardwood flooring installations and the best high end custom residential hardwood flooring inlays and custom residential home building.  Flooring installation for custom contractors and home builders in Charlottesville and Albemarle County Virginia.

 Working directly with custom residential home builders and contracting companies, as well as doing free estimates for custom home owner’s residential remodeling projects.  If it’s custom, high-end flooring installation, sanding finishing, or custom medallions and inlays, go no further than Charlottesville and Richmond’s own The Sand King, located in Zion’s Crossroads of Rt. 64E and Rt 15.  The Best Online Video Marketing on the front page of Google and Youtube, with and

More Great Hardwood Flooring Example Videos at,

Best Hardwood Flooring, Custom Installation Cville Va Sanding, Finishing… The BEST Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Designers Va, DC, Ny, Fl, Tx and BEYOND BEST Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Designers Tx, Tn, Ca, Ny, Fl and BEYOND BEST Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Designers Va, DC, Ny, Fl, Tx  and BEYOND

Most experienced, recommended, and service oriented, design/build cabinet makers.  With 43 years of individually, handcrafted and designed, custom kitchens and interior woodworking, Walter Jaeger & Craig Ernst have the proven that their expertiese, in the art of fine cabinetry and custom kitchen design, has few equals.


The best cabinet makers and THE BEST Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Designers in Va, DC, Ny, Fl, Tx.  The most experienced and service oriented, design/build cabinet makers, with 43 years of commitment and dedication to handcrafting ambience and dreams.  Servicing the local Charlottesville Virginia Area, and Va, DC, Ny, Fl, Tx.

How to market your small business online with video SEO and social media

Online digital media marketing in Virginia:

Handcrafting your digital media for online marketing will be the most critical component in your search engine visibility and your page ranking campaign.  As placement on the first two pages of a google search becomes harder and harder, local and small businesses rush to figure out just what SEO and video have to do with their posting power on the internet and what your search power rankings really are, what it means, and how you effect them.

My father has a custom cabinetry and fine woodworking shop located in Barboursville Virginia.  He and his partner, have been designing the most elaborate and exquisite handcrafted custom kitchens and woodworking interiors that I have ever seen, and they’ve been doing it for over four decades now.

To simply walk through the wood shop and talk with the master craftsmen, many of whom have been there over twenty five years, you would come to know that it was more of a family than anything else.  One with the saw.  One with he wood.  Individually designed and handcrafted.  “Dreams built upon request”.  These are the mantras of the craftsmen…..and the one I personally like, because I came up with it 😉 “it can’t be perfect, but it can be Jaeger & Ernst” which came to me after watching such an endless pursuit of perfection for over three decades now.  Life isn’t perfect and you can’t make anything perfectly.  That being said, you certainly can dedicate yourself to the endless passionate pursuit of mastering you craft.  In every way, through every detail, through every mistake.  To truly dedicate one’s self to the pursuit of perfection, by doing the day in, and day out, absolute best and most committed job possible, is the path of the Jaeger & Ernst Master Craftsman.

cherry hardwood, custom woodworking, custom cabinetryNow, back to reality.  You have a forty three year old custom cabinetry business that, for all effective purposes, has been digitally non existent for that entire time period.  Which apparently has been fine, because business continues to proceed.   I think we can all agree that custom designed and individually handcrafted, high end design/build cabinetry in 1973 was not videoed on an iPhone and uploaded to a custom cabinetry You Tube channel, embedded in your website and posted to the first page organically when the search phrases are typed in that identify with that custom wood shop’s success.  BUT that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t ample opportunity to have gotten photographic media throughout those years.  Thankfully, Jaeger and Ernst’s photo library is vast and beautiful, and very reflective of the beautiful woodworking that they are accustomed to being known for.  Making the transition from hard copy media to digital format, the next logical step….

IMG_6590      IMG_2107

Once you have ample graphic illustrations of your local businesses’ photographic portfolio, you will need to pause for a very intense and long moment to consider what I am going to say next…….



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graphically designed custom cabinetry photo of custom kitchen imagesIMG_2106

This iPad alone has the fastest ability to create, craft, edit, upload and distribute digital media content.  In fact the reality is that the iPad is going to revolutionize the way that we do web design, SEO, video, and social media, least of all to mention graphic digital design.  I can do more on the iPad photoshop app, from in my car or out in the field, faster than any graphic designer in any town, and probably faster than you could even get the person on the phone……and before I’m back in the office, that digital media is already engineering and uploaded to both my website AND various congruent and connected social medias.  And will probably be a week before you here back from the graphic designer, and I don’t know where you’ll think to upload it to.  I can only pray that you don’t plan on just uploading that digital photograph of your local business to just your website and calling it a day.  If so, you need to get ready and prepared for many many years of never being seen online, unless you physically make someone type you exact web address into a search bar.

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individually designed and handcrafted by forty year plus cabinetry designers

When was the last time that someone knew the business they were going to use,  BEFORE they looked online for the product and professional availability of those services?  Maybe sometimes, but I think we can operate on the assumption that most people DO NOT know which business they are going to choose.  That’s half the reason they are online in the first place.  The other being, to educate themselves about the situation they are looking into.  Point being, if you want to market successfully online in today’s timeline social media world, you better be prepared to upload a TON of media, and have it all properly labeled and described, connected and distributed through at least five major social media channels.

THAT IS UNLESS YOU START GETTING INTO VIDEO SEO.  The art of handcrafting perfectly ranked, and You Tube engineered video digital media, is likened to the art of the seasoned master craftsman, and just as critical a component to the end product.

VIDEO is the only element that can supercharge your old and stale, non performing website.  In fact, there is a ninety percent chance that an eningeering set of relevant videos embedded into you website is the ONE AND ONLY single thing you would need to do, in order to help you web page’s search visibility and ranking power online.

So while most businesses are focusing on photographs, converting, labeling and sharing, MediaViual would jump right into videos, even if it meant staying as simple as using an intro text, a few Ken Burns effects, and a call to action on the end, all made with the same pictures that were going to be previously uploaded separately as digital photo media.  Taking three of those pictures and zooming in and out to specific parts of the picture, provides a great simple, quick and easy fast way to handcraft your own digital video.