World’s Best Video Ranking: Rise of the Millennial Online Engineer & Return of The REBEL

How to Rank Videos on YouTube: Video Ranking 101

by: The ONLINE ENGINEER for the best video ranking and social media engineering

video ranking and the best online video marketing and social media video ranking and advertising

Online engineering is about your aggregate online network connectivity and conglomerate visibility and exposure, to the visibility of major Search Engines in Texas, California, New York, NY, DC, or Virginia.

Social visual media activity, on the World Wide Web, will be your leading contributor, to both your overall business, or brand exposure, for both the short and the long term .
Search engine visibility is attained and maintained by congruent, outlined, niche focused, digital media, stacked vertically and aligned across the total of your aggregate internet presence.  What was once a single entity, your website, that represented your company, is now, a hyperextended collective conscious, if you will, of your total aggregate online digital assets and their alignment, relevance and engagement or linkage between one another, cross correlated with your rate of activity within each of these various web platforms and social media networks.

Online engineering will represent the ability to categorize and engineer, a system that directly reflects your industry’s mainstream, financial pathway, and positions you for global exposure, to the long tail key word phrases that identify with the way your business is successful.

For instance, the phrase, “high end building and contracting”, if that were my industry, I would want to have a social media network and video engine, and webpage, and multiple other URLs, and blog posts to all congruently blend the phraseology in the vertical stacking of the niche market of “high-end building contracting.”

Don’t be surprised when the rise of the new millennial, video engineer-online marketer, comes swiftly and quickly in to dominate online digital marketing, before you even see it happening.
This will be because we were raised with phones in our hands, that can create video, of the quality that our parents grew up thinking was just something “They” could do.  IMG_4957

Welcome to the Millennial……”WE ARE THEY”!

The online engineer will see to it that all media hyperextended and directions about audio, text, and video and all for the domestic social media data representations of such digital media.

Gone will be thIMG_4968e days of the machine, and corporate greed buying results from small business and local companies. The rise of the millennium market it will represent the end of the days that the bigger club kills th
e littler man.

Think about it….. An entire generation grown up with the ability to make video out of the convenience of the handheld device in their pocket.

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video ranking and the best online video marketing and social media video ranking and advertising

TV didn’t lose to the radio and neither will video lose to text, on the Internet.  Conclusion being, that the video and the online engineer will dominate the few available, first two page listings, to major industry keyword phrases. the rest dominated by the conglomerate social medias such as Houzz, thumbtack Washingtonian, US architecture, snagajob and the obvious others, like Facebook, TumBlr and Google Plus.
for the best video ranking and social media engineering for the best video ranking and social media engineering
for the best video ranking and social media engineering

About the Author
Online video marketing company focused on the social media video SEO digital creation and distribution of organic, content video marketing for Virginia businesses to use within their internet advertising campaign in 2015-2016. Marketing online with video is the key to organic page ranking and search visibility for your local Cville business. Search engine optimization, video blogging and social network linking and distribution will be the deciding factor to your visibility on the first page of searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Promoting small business through online digital marketing, with a focus on video, SEO, and social media interaction. Helping local small business create graphic design, video, imaging, personality branding, and humanize their product or service to be successfully introduced into social media. Because there is only one sure way to get through......come to their mind at the right time! Jingles make people remember, absent of tangible marketing in view. Humanizing makes you more like a 'buddy' and people always refer their friends first, if they have a specialty they think would help the situation. Social media, video, branding and theme songs, all online, accomplishes all of this. People shop on the web, they hangout on the web, they get references for products or companies and talk to their friends about them first, many times before any interaction with the company or product takes place. The different social media sites or platforms are really just different "hang out" areas or buildings where the architecture and manner of interacting is just a little different. Pinterest may have boards of pictures, where Twitter may quick link ideas and thoughts, where Facebook and Google + offer all types of media and communities and pages within which to interact. Then You Tube does just videos and so on. Well it's easy to get caught up in the scare and concern of content being on all different types of social media sites, but look at it another way. These are just different places that people are looking for and asking questions about services or products they like or want to buy. YOUR job as a business is to be visible within these different platforms when someone types in a search that identifies with your business and potential cliental.

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