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VIDEO SEO: Social Media Online Video Marketing & WebPage Ranking

Video SEO Online Engineering: Online Marketing for the purpose of Search Engine Visibility for Social Media, WebPages & Videos

What does it mean to have Online Visibility, and Search Engine Keyword Exposure?

NETWORK ENGINEERING 101: Teaching you & providing all of the knowledge, tools and skills necessary for you to  market or start, your existing, or new businesses’ online website.


Providing you with the necessary tools and skills to connect your online aggregate presence into an organic, front page posting, digital asset.

Every business, company or service, that seeks to achieve online search engine visibility, must know how to network engineer their separate digital assets, into dominant single entity, with separate postings abilities and niche keywords for different Digital Assets, or ArcNets.

IMG_2439and start making it work for you now!  MediaVizual is a “BOTTOM LINE, SHOW ME RESULTS”, open source marketing style corporation.  MediaVizual is here TO HELP EVERYONE.  From local and small business, to multi-national conglomerate corporations and ESPECIALLY THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE, making sure that the front three pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo, have the best, most reliable, experienced, trustworthy and dependable local, big or small businesses, with multiple organic listings and video listings.Social Media

In today’s rapidly growing, mobile user society, if you own a business you know marketing now really means online marketing.  Now the rest are just standard paper marketing techniques that your more time tested and experinenced businesses cling on to out of nostalgia or commonplace, meaning it requires little thought, has little effect, and alwways leaves you wondering, “why do I spend money on marketing”.  Today, with the internet’s ability to harbor and distribute video digital media, and with the rise of the people’s safe haven from pop up spam, online corps, SOCIAL MEDIA, the entire game of local and small business advertising has changed forever.  Video, Social Media and SEO will be the top major contributing factors to the success of your online marketing campaign.  With the rising numbers in online marketing competition, and the inevitable dominating posting and listing conglomerate, super social media’s like,,, or, there is going to be little chance of you, as a small business owner, to have the time necessary to engineer and post digital media of your small, local company, and still have any time to run your company.  There is just too much competition, and since the algorithm change, there is no way to get around the shytem or buy cheaper results.

You really only have two choices in the years to come, and that is, you either pay of PPC (pay per click marketing at the top and side bar of your search engine results page), or you’ll hope to be inside the fist page of a phone book style, online marketing company, amongst a sea of your competition, lost in a list of another’s corporate craft. offers LASTING, ORGANIC VIDEO & WebPage Ranking

To keep the best, most reliable, dependable, honest and experienced businesses, in each local market and industry, on the first three pages of the major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo, when words and phrases are typed into a local search engine bar that directly associate with the way your company or maintenance service provider, makes MONEY.

These are the aggregate factors that will ultimately effect you VIDEO SEO Ranking…..when done nearly perfectly, it takes about 387 videos to get noticed and ranked by the algorithm consistently…..

SEO is not what you think it is, and it is no longer what most people that think they know, or knew they think they thought it is……or was, cause it isn’t….

If you will help us communicate with you, by merely asking any question you have, no matter how small, MediaVizual is convinced, that we can simply, quickly and easily explain SEO, which, once removed from it’s esoteric origins, can be simply conveyed through logic and common sense.  The question is first, ‘why are we as small, local businesses on the web?” I think we’d mostly say to attract clients, consumers, and customers to pay us to engage in business.  That’s it.  Remember that.  We are here to attract customers, if and once that is acheived, we then want them to be easily guided or directed towards, at their own pace, of course, as they make the decisions ‘on their own, through the clevely crafted guidance of your visual media presentations, explainers and interacitve tutorials and/or games that you generate as online marketing digital media.  MediaVizual wants this point to be overly clear, and would place this point up for first debate, becuase I’ll gladly here any one’s case, but resistance will be futile, I wouln’t be in te business if I were wrong, and here’s why……Everyone that’s had a business for a while, has had a website, they’ve paid ALOT of money for it, it’s been complicated, and like a good stock broker, they’ve, you’ve, we’ve been assured that we would’nt understand, algorithim this and google panda spider that, and don’t worry, it’s fine your paying you monthly adwords/Dex media for pay per click right?!?!  My goodness STOP……

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If you want your seepage to show up then you have to title posts accordingly to what you what to gain search engine visibility for, and you must actively post well engineering video marketing, AND share fit through social media.

Getting on the first page to a specific search phrase that identifies directly with the success of your small or local business is a very difficult thing to do, especially now that Google is designed specifically to tell whether you’re acturaly doing your job, and they WILL find someone who is, if you’re not.  So making sure that you’re never cutting corners is a weekly process, as the algorithm is geared to negate credibility in response to this action.  The art of organically crafting clever, engaging, informative and interesting digital media AND THEN making sure it’s congruently networked and engineered for search engine visibility, can end up taking some significant time away from the industry, trad or service that provides income for your business.  Marketing correctly online is no small venture these days.  This is a full time job, but it’s one that can be done and won now, and maintained long term, with the right methodology..

MediaVizual is not here to convince you that it’s important for your local business to be visible in multiple orgainc listings on the first and second pages when search query phrase are typed in that identify directly with the success of your small buiness.  MediaVizual will share with you all of the information that will allow you, for yourself, to understand what you think you want the internet to be doing for your company.

MediaVizual is an investigative marketing firm that is in the best interests of the people, and will always uphold and value first and foremost the education and continuation of knowledge to the consumer that will help, if in any way possible, for them to come to the best and most educated decision possible when making decisions concerning marketing, money, life, love and health.  MediaVizual is a company built by the people and one that will never alter that course, or sell it’s ‘marketing platform soul’ for the corporate greed and dominace that it’s very crafting was conceived to fight against.  MediaVizual is the best, and it only markets the best. Investigative marketing is the search to find the best that deserve to be visible on the web, but are too busy being the best at their job.

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